John from http://www.growingyourgreen­ shares with you how he replants a raised bed vegetable garden after the season is over. You will discover the specific techniques John uses to remove plants, move plants, and keep plants in the same raised bed garden to grow more vegetables for the next season.

First, You will learn some of the annual vegetables that grew best, as well as the ones that need to be removed, also perennial vegetables that survived the light frost.

Next, you will discover how John removes old plants and moving plants from the raised bed vegetable garden to save them for next season.

You will then discover the specific amendments including compost that John adds to add fertility to the raised bed garden and why he likes to include amendments such as rock dust, worm castings as well as other organic fertilizers in some cases.

John will teach you how to not bury existing perennial plants that would be covered in the soil when topping off the soil level in a …

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